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Jun Feng Enterprise Co., Ltd. established in 2001. At the beginning, Jun Feng’s main business was electrical insulation materials. With the continuous development of the company's business, along with the main business, in the past ten years, Jun Feng has vigorously developed new energy materials such as energy, lithium-ion battery and related products. Business layout in Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, etc. We provide professional services on new energy for global customers. The products cover light power, solar power, energy storage, digital, chemical industry, etc.

In the future, Jun Feng will continue to provide customers with more higher-end materials and diversified services.

JFE’s advantage materials :

* Non-woven ceramic separator
* Water-base Binder (anode and cathode),
* Lithium-ion batteries and materials,
* Wet-laid Non-woven fabric (separator base materials)
* Cylindrical lithium battery, soft-pack lithium battery; lithium battery pack; solar energy storage battery pack
* Mold for Centrifugal Casting.
* Lithium-ion battery technology cooperation, authorization, etc



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